Shipping Policy


We ship only one way. USPS First Class Mail. Whatever address you give us, is the address we use to ship your package with. We import the address you give to us exactly as you typed it to remove all human mistakes in doing it this way.

If a package is lost, we will file a claim on your behalf. You will be responsible to comply with any and all requests the US Post Office asks of us. Filling out their forms and so on – delays in your response can get messy.

APO/FPO address: Love them and say ‘thank you’ for serving, but when you have two Government agencies handling your package, don’t blame us when it gets lost.


Canada: Yes, you will have to pay your taxes when the package arrives. If the Canadian post holds on to your package for weeks, again, not our fault. If you refuse a package from the Canadian Post because of taxes, and the package gets returned to us, we deduct the return shipping back to us from your refund. 

Every single purchase, you will receive a tracking number via email that you gave to us when we printed the label. Try not to lose the email. Once a label is printed, we put your package in the mail box. If the postal carrier has already picked up that day, it will get picked up the next day to start heading to you. Tracking numbers sometimes take a day or so to get into the system. If a label is printed, and paid for on our end, it’s coming to you.

Shipping fees within the USA

We pay it. Pretty simple??

 International Shipping

Outside of the USA: Nope, you get to pay it. The shipping calculator for pricing is pretty spot on. Shipping to most – OK, all other countries is out of our hands and is your responsibility. Meaning: once we hand the box over to the postal carrier, it is now in your hands, not ours. Once the US Post Offices hands a package to another country, they stop tracking the package on our end at that point  there is nothing we can do. One thing we do recommend is using a third party forwarding service such as Shipito ( or USGobuy ( and there are others like these companies as well. For a small fee, these companies act as your shipping agent with a shipping address here in the USA. We have no affiliation with either of these companies. We just recommend this route since they are used to shipping to anywhere in the world on your behalf for a favorable outcome.

Once our shipping method has turned over a package from us to another countries customs department, it is out of our hands or reach. We can be asked to file something on your behalf,,, but the US Post office or any other shipping carrier is not going to ask your countries customs department to move any faster for it :-) Have tried before, and it just does not work.

For those that live outside the USA, as of 4-9-2020, we will no longer offer the option of First Class International service to our friends abroad. It is just too slow of a shipping service, too many packages get lost in the system, and we are spending way too much time on the phone with USPS to file claims and to locate your packages. I know the faster services are more expensive,I understand the costs,  but I would rather loose the sale from you than have a unhappy customer every single time. Sorry.

Will we lower the declared value on the customs forms to ship to you? In short: No. You can ask, but the answer will be the same each time :-) Sorry!