About Us

My story 

My name is Gary Spruill and I am the head broom pusher, accounting supervisor, web guru – photographer and the only old fart woodturner of Mojo Handcrafts.

My story is like many others in my age bracket. Job gone, wife gone and woke up one day and told myself, I can do anything I want to do now? Let’s try something fun this time.

I have made many items as gifts and I am a wet shaver myself, Hmmmm(?), why not make shaving brushes? Make them like I would want them for myself, and to strive to have every one of them to be like a piece of jewelry. Something your kids will fight over when you are gone kind of brushes.

I have turned my entire day schedule to strive for this objective and having an absolute blast doing it.

I really enjoy making this product and really hope you enjoy the finished product that comes to you. If you ever want to join me in this adventure, feel free to join me on YouTube and watch them actually being made live.Be sure to subscribe and ‘click’ on the bell button as well. I do live feeds and can normally answer your questions as I am actually making a or your brush. Come join us. Also, we have an Instagram and Facebook page as well. Come join us.

Feel free to look around the store and hope you find something you like.